Marketing in Less Time

It is difficult to juggle the responsibility of being a small business owner and all of the minute daily tasks that encompass a day. It’s important for you to balance the time you’re spending on daily social media maintenance and other routine marketing components. The following tips have been gathered from expert sources and our… Continue reading Marketing in Less Time

Market Research

Marketing Tip Monday: Market research is a vital component to any marketing plan. If you are not familiar with what your competitors are doing, then you could be missing out on opportunities that can put you ahead of the game. It is important to distinguish that marketing research is not market research. Although marketing research… Continue reading Market Research


Marketing Tip Monday: Newsletters— as marketers, we sometimes love to hate them. However, newsletters are one of the most effective ways to get information out to your existing customers. Research shows that reaching new costumers actually costs about six times more than making a sale to an existing customer. If that’s not enough reason to… Continue reading Newsletters