Photo Retouching

Marketing Tip Monday: Photos provide the public with tangible representations of your products and/or services. Being able to see what you offer is an important part of the decision to purchase it. At Amaniac Design, our photography services are second to none. We use high quality equipment to get the best photos for you. Our services… Continue reading Photo Retouching

7 Tips for The Perfect Headshot

Headshots— almost everyone who works a job for a professional company, will need them sooner or later. Actors, doctors, lawyers, business people, anyone who has a face that is representing your company, really, should have professional head shots taken, eventually. Their importance is significant in many ways. They display recency and updated photos of a… Continue reading 7 Tips for The Perfect Headshot

Images Impact

Marketing Tip Monday: They say a picture is worth a thousand words…maybe 1,000 views & likes, too! Visual content is impactful and rewarding, as on average, a post with an image gets 94% more views than one without. Be sure to choose a proper image, one that you have the rights to use, relevant to… Continue reading Images Impact