Growing Leads Through Social Media Segmentation

Social media is not going anywhere. In fact, chances are if you are trying to reach your audience anywhere outside of email and print ads, social media is your best bet. With that said, it would be in your business’ benefit to make sure your social media efforts are in line with your business strategy… Continue reading Growing Leads Through Social Media Segmentation

Woman Business Certification

Excited because Amaniac Design gained our “Woman Business Certification” under the state of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD)! As a Florida-Owned small business owned by Amanda Koziar, this certification is another stepping stone towards women impacting the community, as Amaniac Design has for almost a decade! We look forward to the opportunity to possibly… Continue reading Woman Business Certification


Marketing Tip Monday: We’ve already established that visual imagery is the most effective way to be remembered in the minds of your audience. In fact, studies show that 90% of information remembered is because of visual impact. The challenge comes in representing ideas, thoughts, and processes that are more complex through images. You’ve probably faced… Continue reading Infographics