Annual Reports

Marketing Tip Monday: Every year, public companies and other institutions, must disclose corporate information to their shareholders in the form of an annual report. If someone is going to invest in your company, one of the first documents they look at is your annual report. It is important to convey to the reader details of… Continue reading Annual Reports


If you are a business owner, chances are, you probably don’t have an hour to spare — Amaniac Design can help! If you frequently engage in public speaking or in presenting information to your audience, the manner in which you do this is crucial. It is a daunting task to get a group of strangers… Continue reading Presentations


Marketing Tip Monday: Captivating graphics are an important part of your brand appearance. At Amaniac Design, we are well-versed in developing creative and dynamic elements to make your website standout. Whether it be freshening up an existing site or landing page with a new look, or helping you maintain your existing site with fresh, custom content,… Continue reading Graphics