Marketing Tip Monday: Captivating graphics are an important part of your brand appearance. At Amaniac Design, we are well-versed in developing creative and dynamic elements to make your website standout. Whether it be freshening up an existing site or landing page with a new look, or helping you maintain your existing site with fresh, custom content,… Continue reading Graphics

Web Banners

Marketing Tip Monday: Web banners are integrated into almost every marketing strategy that has an online presence. Whether on social media, or on a website, incorporating them into your strategy is important. Amaniac Design can hep you create dynamic advertising campaigns in line with your brand theme and campaign message. Over 50% of people don’t… Continue reading Web Banners


Marketing Tip Monday: We’ve already established that visual imagery is the most effective way to be remembered in the minds of your audience. In fact, studies show that 90% of information remembered is because of visual impact. The challenge comes in representing ideas, thoughts, and processes that are more complex through images. You’ve probably faced… Continue reading Infographics