Marketing Tip Monday: Newsletters— as marketers, we sometimes love to hate them. However, newsletters are one of the most effective ways to get information out to your existing customers. Research shows that reaching new costumers actually costs about six times more than making a sale to an existing customer. If that’s not enough reason to… Continue reading Newsletters

Go Mobile

Marketing Tip Monday: We’ve all witnessed the drastic evolution of mobile technology in the past decade, allowing us to search, shop & connect online while on the go. With approximately 95% of Americans owning a mobile device, it is imperative to keep your business’ marketing strategies mobile-friendly. Be sure to focus on mobile browsing trends… Continue reading Go Mobile

Identify the Problem & Convey the Solution

Marketing Tip Monday: Identify the problem your business solves and make sure you are clearly communicating that. Don’t be vague. Be direct to narrow down your target audience. The more direct you are, the better chances you’ll have at successfully reaching potential consumers and converting them into actual consumers.