Color Palette

Marketing Tip Monday: Color is a major component of the first impression that people have of your brand. It sets up the feelings and mood that are attached to your brand, can contribute or take away from the look and feel and ultimately, establishes your brand in the subconsciousness of your consumers. Whether your brand… Continue reading Color Palette

Web Banners

Marketing Tip Monday: Web banners are integrated into almost every marketing strategy that has an online presence. Whether on social media, or on a website, incorporating them into your strategy is important. Amaniac Design can hep you create dynamic advertising campaigns in line with your brand theme and campaign message. Over 50% of people don’t… Continue reading Web Banners

Push Your Username & Handles!

Marketing Tip Monday: A good marketing strategy is the heart of any successful campaign, but social media is part of the blood that fuels it! At the center of a good marketing plan is an integration of social media platforms that allow you to maximize your potential audience and reach. Over 80% of marketers would… Continue reading Push Your Username & Handles!