Content Strategies

Marketing Tip Monday: As content platforms constantly evolve, so do the strategies that deliver them to the appropriate target audiences. We understand that every company differs in frequency and spread of content development. Some companies develop content as often as a few times a day! Others, prefer a more hands-off approach, and only advertise around… Continue reading Content Strategies

Targeting At Its Finest

Advertisers and marketers, we live in the age of technology. Every day, new systems are being developed to automate processes and better target our marketing audiences. It seems like right when you get used to something, BAM, it changes again! Google’s latest update creates opportunities for advertisers to target YouTube users. With video being the… Continue reading Targeting At Its Finest


Marketing Tip Monday: There are a variety of useful platforms that allow you to advertise your products or services, but it is important to keep in mind PR when building your brand. If a company or blog wants to feature your brand or your company on their latest article or blog, you should definitely consider… Continue reading Name-Drop!