Marketing Tip Monday: When it comes to e-commerce, it’s important to be familiar with all aspects of selling your products online. From choosing a platform that will work best for your business and audience to setting up your products online, e-commerce sites make it easier for your current and potential customers to renew their favorite… Continue reading E-commerce

Corporate Photography/Videography

Marketing Tip Monday: Corporate photography is a huge drawing factor for your business. Whether you need headshots, office shots, or product or service images, having a seamless theme makes your company appear professional and trustworthy right off the bat. Apart from photography, video is consistently the #1 way to engage an audience. Corporate videos (testimonials,… Continue reading Corporate Photography/Videography

Training Videos

Marketing Tip Monday: Construction documentation benefits not only the general contractor, but every member of the team, including: owners and developers, investors, architects, and subcontractors. A comprehensive package of project documentation, including both high-definition video and high-resolution photography delivers many benefits, which include increased transparency and fewer claims. Read more about Amaniac Design’s documentation and… Continue reading Training Videos