Customer Reviews Matter!

Marketing Tip Monday: Online reviews have proven extremely helpful & improve the company’s  search engine optimization. 85% of customers check online reviews prior to a purchase and a Google search is usually the first method for finding information about any brand. In today’s modern society, customer reviews serve as virtual word-of-mouth recommendations. Reviews increase your… Continue reading Customer Reviews Matter!

Visual Consistency is Key

MarketingTipMonday: Your brand should have an established style. Photography & graphics are visual elements essential to your company’s overall look and feel. Consistency is key here, so if you’re going for a sleek, photograph based look in your campaigns, you shouldn’t also mix in illustrated graphics filled with gradient colors. Choose a consistent design style… Continue reading Visual Consistency is Key

Embed Metadata

Marketing Tip Monday: Learn how to utilize metadata in your site. It is needed to effectively drive consumers from search engines to your site. Boost your SEO by including descriptive meta data, title tags, image tags, alt attributes, and all keywords relevant to your business to productively direct that traffic to your site.