Market Research

Marketing Tip Monday: Market research is a vital component to any marketing plan. If you are not familiar with what your competitors are doing, then you could be missing out on opportunities that can put you ahead of the game. It is important to distinguish that marketing research is not market research. Although marketing research… Continue reading Market Research

Web Banners

Marketing Tip Monday: Web banners are integrated into almost every marketing strategy that has an online presence. Whether on social media, or on a website, incorporating them into your strategy is important. Amaniac Design can hep you create dynamic advertising campaigns in line with your brand theme and campaign message. Over 50% of people don’t… Continue reading Web Banners

Landing Pages

Marketing Tip Monday: Landing pages are essential to enhancing the effectiveness of social media, e-mail campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns. At Amaniac Design, we incorporate best practices to ensure that your landing pages will make a lasting impression and lead your audience to the right place. Almost 70% of B2B consumers use landing pages… Continue reading Landing Pages