Marketing in Less Time

It is difficult to juggle the responsibility of being a small business owner and all of the minute daily tasks that encompass a day. It’s important for you to balance the time you’re spending on daily social media maintenance and other routine marketing components. The following tips have been gathered from expert sources and our… Continue reading Marketing in Less Time

Press Releases

Marketing Tip Monday: Press releases are a wonderful tool for making important announcements to a large audience and are very much part of a successful strategy. At Amaniac Design we utilize the best practices when it comes to press release generation, and customize a list of publications to distribute your content to. With nearly 80… Continue reading Press Releases

Giveaway Videos

Marketing Tip Monday: Giveaway contests are an excellent way to take your social media strategy to the next level. Running giveaways around seasonal peaks for your company is tremendously beneficial for your engagement rates. Not only will your “likes” and “shares” increase (causing your influencers’ social circles to be made aware of your product/service), but… Continue reading Giveaway Videos