Event Promotions

Marketing Tip Monday: If your company thrives on seasonal peaks for example, during the holidays or during the summer, then it is an obvious statement that you need to market your product or services extra heavily right before these periods, This includes integrating event promotions. Trade shows and events are the second most effective tactic… Continue reading Event Promotions

7 Pointers for Lead Generation

Though technology can be a blessing, it can be easy for businesses to experience pitfalls as a result of not using it effectively. Some businesses are completely online, and so it becomes difficult to generate new and interesting strategies to get leads when your competition exists in the vast abyss we call cyberspace. It’s important… Continue reading 7 Pointers for Lead Generation

Targeting At Its Finest

Advertisers and marketers, we live in the age of technology. Every day, new systems are being developed to automate processes and better target our marketing audiences. It seems like right when you get used to something, BAM, it changes again! Google’s latest update creates opportunities for advertisers to target YouTube users. With video being the… Continue reading Targeting At Its Finest