Social Media Isn’t the Only Answer

Social Media Isn’t the ONLY Answer  It’s 2019. Now more than ever, businesses are trying to live up to the pressure of building a social media presence. It seems like every business is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like trying their best to become relevant in their industry. So many businesses are defining themselves… Continue reading Social Media Isn’t the Only Answer

Media Planning

Marketing Tip Monday: Ad placement is important. There are more platforms available than ever, which means more opportunities for your ad to be seen and for more people to become aware of your brand. Our vast network in the industry of media placement, makes us a good choice to help you with your media planning… Continue reading Media Planning

Event Promotions

Marketing Tip Monday: If your company thrives on seasonal peaks for example, during the holidays or during the summer, then it is an obvious statement that you need to market your product or services extra heavily right before these periods, This includes integrating event promotions. Trade shows and events are the second most effective tactic… Continue reading Event Promotions