Marketing Tip Monday: Typography can make or break a design. It is what composes the details and presentation of your content. Fonts add value to your text, your content, and the message you are trying to communicate. The sizing, coloring, and style can all heavily influence your audience’s opinion of your brand. It is no surprise… Continue reading Typography

Photo Retouching

Marketing Tip Monday: Photos provide the public with tangible representations of your products and/or services. Being able to see what you offer is an important part of the decision to purchase it. At Amaniac Design, our photography services are second to none. We use high quality equipment to get the best photos for you. Our services… Continue reading Photo Retouching

Trade Show Booths

Marketing Tip Monday: When it comes to exhibiting your business at a trade show, it’s important to execute the layout of your booth, the design of your elements, and the overall idea in the best way possible. It is often difficult to stand out in a trade show booth, as they are small, and often… Continue reading Trade Show Booths