Platform Fluidity

Marketing Tip Monday: Think about what your thought process is when you decide to post content from your social media personal profile. If it’s a quick thought, you probably post to Twitter. If it’s an article or something more in-depth, chances are you probably post to Facebook. If it’s picture-centric, Instagram is probably your go-to.… Continue reading Platform Fluidity

6 Ways of Staying On Top Of Your Business Game

As business owners, managing and staying on top of your game can be daunting. It is difficult to grow your business, expand your audience reach and engagement, produce appealing content, market your goods/services, and increase your ROI all at once! We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and reminders from Florida Realtor, to help you… Continue reading 6 Ways of Staying On Top Of Your Business Game

Getting the Most Out of Facebook

Marketing Tip Monday: Besides being a very interactive social platform, Facebook has a plethora of useful tools in the form of ads, events, and offers that can really benefit your online marketing efforts. Posting alone isn’t enough. Create optimized Facebook ads targeted to the right audience to help you spend your PPC (Pay Per Click)… Continue reading Getting the Most Out of Facebook