Training Videos

Marketing Tip Monday: Construction documentation benefits not only the general contractor, but every member of the team, including: owners and developers, investors, architects, and subcontractors. A comprehensive package of project documentation, including both high-definition video and high-resolution photography delivers many benefits, which include increased transparency and fewer claims. Read more about Amaniac Design’s documentation and… Continue reading Training Videos

Logo & Branding Systems

Marketing Tip Monday: When it comes to branding, Amaniac has a creative edge! Your logo is the center of your brand identity and a representational figure of your company. It symbolizes who you are, what you do, and what goods and services you’re selling. We ensure that your logo stands out within your market and any… Continue reading Logo & Branding Systems


Marketing Tip Monday: Personalized stationery is a wonderful way to gain a competitive edge. If print collateral is an integral part of your business, then it is especially vital to stand out. Whether you partake in direct mail advertising or send important updates via letters, sending it out on personalized paper makes it unique. If… Continue reading Stationery