Targeting At Its Finest

Advertisers and marketers, we live in the age of technology. Every day, new systems are being developed to automate processes and better target our marketing audiences. It seems like right when you get used to something, BAM, it changes again! Google’s latest update creates opportunities for advertisers to target YouTube users. With video being the… Continue reading Targeting At Its Finest

Cross-Media Marketing

With the variety of mediums available today, it is more important than ever to make sure there is a seamless flow between them when advertising your product or services. Consider cross-media marketing a major part of your general marketing strategy. About 67% of shoppers use more than one channel to make a purchase, so it… Continue reading Cross-Media Marketing

Push Your Username & Handles!

Marketing Tip Monday: A good marketing strategy is the heart of any successful campaign, but social media is part of the blood that fuels it! At the center of a good marketing plan is an integration of social media platforms that allow you to maximize your potential audience and reach. Over 80% of marketers would… Continue reading Push Your Username & Handles!