‘Tis The Season

As Spring wraps up, summer time is finally around the corner! Besides warm weather and tanned skin, the change in season brings a benefit to marketers. Different seasons bring different needs, so it is important to appeal to the needs of your consumers during the times they need it most. Take a look at your sales patterns and identify which seasons are most fruitful for your business and which ones aren’t. Advertise specials and promotions around the seasons that aren’t so hot for your company in order to boost revenue and capitalize on your audience’s needs. Clients are aware that seasonal specials won’t last and will be more inclined to make a purchase so they don’t miss out. Seasonal specials make room for curiosity and influence spontaneous purchases as well, which will in turn, create positive associations with your brand and referrals for your business. It doesn’t have to be complicated- putting a seasonal spin on the content you generate makes it more relevant to the time of year and is sometimes, more than enough to appeal to your audience. Winter time, Back-to-school, and Mother’s Day are the top 3 seasons for most companies, bringing in over $903 billion combined last year alone! Which seasons appeal most to your clientele and are you making moves to connect with them during these times? For more information on how you can implement a seasonal strategy for your brand, contact Amaniac Design.


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