Amaniac Brands Wine Industry Client

Client: Perspectiva Vineyards
Tagline: Keep a Fresh Perspective

With a fresh eye and perspective, Amaniac Design transformed a piece of an amazing painting by artist Johniene Papandreas into a simplified icon design for the brand’s identity. Papandreas’ artwork graces the label of each bottle of Perspectiva, creating an old meets new world image. This theme is captured not only in the brand’s wine, but each advertising and marketing piece we developed: logo, business cards, website and email marketing.

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About the Client

Throughout the centuries, the role of the artist has been to inspire, delight, and shed light on new ways of thinking. Today, that spirit lives on in our artisanal vineyard and boutique winery in the Uco Valley of the Andes Mountains. Perpectiva’s private vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina approaches winemaking with a contemporary creativity that reveals the robust character and unique profile of our hand-harvested vines. With a collection of whites and reds that honor the history of European winemaking, you’ll gain fresh perspective with every taste.

What happens when you choose to look at things from a fresh perspective? You find yourself facing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create some of the most exciting new wines to come out of the Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina. Michael and Jeff, the owners and founders of Perspectiva Vineyards, both began life in different industries. Michael was the CFO of a building products company. Jeff served as the Chief Actuary for a global reinsurer.  Read more >

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